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Hypnotherapy has a very high success rate:


“It is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit.”

New Scientist v136.

In 1992, New Scientist Magazine published the results of an extensive clinical study on the most effective methods of quitting smoking.


By statistically combining the results of more than 600 studies (over 72,000 individual cases) their analysis indicated that single session hypnosis* increased a smoker’s success chance by 1000% from 6% to 60%.


The study indicated the following success rates for four different quitting methods:

  • 60% – Single session Hypnosis

  • 24% – Acupuncture

  • 10% – Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

  •   6% – Willpower Alone

Alfred Podhordecki, Alpha Hypnotics

Our experienced, highly qualified and professional Clinical Hypnotherapist,

Alfred Podhorodecki of Alpha Hypnotics, provides Hypnotherapy services to our clients at Bundoora every Friday; and at Mitcham Monday to Thursday.

Would you like to Stop Smoking?

Why Don’t People Quit Cigarettes?

Everyone knows cigarettes are not good for them. Everyone knows they spend too much money on cigarettes.

So why do people continue to smoke? Why is it so hard for so many people to quit smoking cigarettes?

63% of all smokers want to stop smoking.

Hypnotherapy deals with all your unique reasons why you haven’t been able to quit and removes the common reasons for failing, including making sure withdrawal symptoms from quitting are not a problem for you.

Increasing your lifespan; having the vitality and energy to play with your children; to be there for your family; enjoy playing sports; being healthy and active are all great reasons to Quit Smoking now!

Happy healthy family
Our Commitment to You
If you ever start smoking cigarettes again,
we will do a follow up session AT NO CHARGE!

** Conditions Apply

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Why quit smoking?

  • It is never too late to stop.

  • Every form of smoking, including smoking marijuana, causes lung damage, which will often not become evident until later in life.

  • It is estimated that after the age of 35-40 years, smokers lose 3 months of life expectancy for each year of smoking.

  • Non smokers are happier people in the long term.

  • Nicotine narrows your blood vessels thus decreasing blood and oxygen flow.

  • Nicotine also increases the amount of deposits that build up on the inside walls of your arteries. This increases your blood pressure and can lead to chronic blood clots. High blood pressure and blocked arteries are both high risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

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Why is it that people don’t stop smoking?

♦ Some people do not want to put on weight.
♦ Some people do not want to go through withdrawal symptoms.
♦ Some people do not think they have the willpower to quit smoking.
♦ Some people smoke to relieve stress; or as a reward; or to relax.
♦ Some people feel hopelessly addicted to cigarettes.
♦ The biggest reason of all … most people feel that smoking cigarettes is actually out of their control.

We can help you

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Immediate reasons to stop smoking

  • Foul breath

  • Stained teeth

  • Obnoxious smells in clothes, hair and on skin

  • Reduced physical and exercise performance

  • Reduced sexual pleasure

  • Cough

  • Sore throat

  • Increased heart rate

  • Raised blood pressure and hypertension

  • Financial


Long term benefits include

  • Reduced risk of gum disease

  • Reduced risk of cancer

  • Reduced risk of heart disease

  • Reduced risk of lung disease causing breathing problems

  • Reduced time off work

  • Reduced unhealthy wrinkly skin

  • Reduced risk of ulcers

  • Reduced risk of low birth weights and other physiological damage to babies of pregnant women who smoke

  • As a positive role model for children and young people


What happens when I Quit Smoking?

  • 8 hours – Nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in blood reduce by half, oxygen levels return to normal. Circulation improves.

  • 24 hours – Carbon monoxide and nicotine eliminated from the body.

  • 48 hours – The deterioration in lung function and greater risk of lung cancer is stopped.

  • 1 month – Overall appearance improves; skin gains healthy colour and shows less wrinkles, further damage is curtailed.

  • 3 – 9 months – Coughs and wheezing reduced

  • 1 year – The risk of a heart attack reduced by as much as half compared to that of a smoker.

  • 15 years – Risk of heart attack now at the same level as that of a person who has never smoked in their life.

Why didn’t it work in the past?

♦  You did not want to deal with the withdrawal symptoms?
♦  You did not want to start gaining weight?
♦  You smoked for no real reason?
♦  Did you think I'll just have this one? And it turned into more?
♦  Did you get tricked into it?
♦  Or is there some other reason?

Quit Smoking wih Hypnotherapy

About Our Quit Smoking Commitment to You:

If, after your session with us, you ever start smoking cigarettes, cigars, or any similar tobacco product again, we undertake to give you one Follow-Up** hypnosis session AT NO CHARGE! 


** Our Quit Smoking Commitment Conditions: 

We can only honour this commitment when you contact us within 24 hours of having a cigarette, cigar or tobacco product (etc) and you accept the next available mutually convenient appointment at either our Mitcham or Bundoora locations.  The "Follow Up" session must be held within 7 days (including weekends) of your call to us.


Rescheduling a “Follow Up” appointment:

Under specific circumstances, we may allow you to reschedule a "Follow Up" appointment on one occasion only.  That re-booking must be within 5 days of the prior reserved appointment.  We appreciate you providing 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule your appointment. 


Late Cancellations and No Shows:

A late cancellation fee of $180 will apply if you provide less than 48 hours notice of a cancellation, or if you do not attend on the day of your appointment (No Show).  You will need to pay this late fee to re-book a “Follow Up” session.  Payments may be made via Internet Banking or by Credit Card# over the phone.

*    Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

**  Conditions apply.

#   Please note, for your peace of mind, we destroy any recorded details of your credit card, once the transaction has been processed and is approved.

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