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What do Counsellors Do?
What do Psychologists Do?

At Life Vision Counselling our counsellors use a collaborative process that involves the development of a unique helping relationship.

The Counsellor acts as a facilitator in helping clients to understand their feelings, behaviours, relationships with others,
situations, choices and decisions.


Through counselling you can talk in complete confidence, clarify issues and determine options.

Further, the counsellor offers a safe, confidential and non-judgmental context in which clients can:

  • Gain clarity and perspective on the issue;

  • Receive the support you need to resolve issues and make effective decisions;

  • Deal with negative feelings and emotions;

  • Explore personal resources and develop new skills;

  • Find answers which are best suited to your own individual needs and lifestyle.

  • Counsellors focus on people with ‘everyday’ problems such as relationship, stress, workplace, and grief and loss issues.

  • Counsellors do not conduct psychometric testing or prescribe medication.

  • Counsellors usually engage in one-on-one, family or group work.

  • Counsellors can refer clients to a General Practitioner or Psychologist for issues of a more serious nature.

  • Counsellors adopt a ‘more positive’ approach towards clients with a major focus on the client’s capability for improvement, achievement and productivity.

  • Counselling is a learning-orientated process and counsellors are the facilitators.

In Australia, a recognised Diploma is a generally accepted qualification level for the practice of Professional Counselling.

Counsellors registered with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) have undergone recognised professional training in counselling and therapeutic techniques.

Please note that at Life Vision Counselling we do not have Psychologists working for us.

  • Psychologists are trained in different theoretical approaches to human behaviour and usually engage in one-on-one, family or group work.

  • Psychologists work with clients with a mental illness and work in a variety of settings such as hospitals, community health and private practice.

  • Psychologists can utilise a number of psychometric tests, however are not able to prescribe medication.

  • The focus of most psychologists’ work is on specific problems or symptoms described from their client’s perspective.

  • Psychologists are more concerned with adjustments and changes in the personality of a client – aiming at better adaptation to his/her environment.

  • Psychologists focus in the relationship between past events, the client’s biological formation and his/her present condition.

  • Psychologists may use more tools and research background.

  • Psychology is a regulated profession in Australia and Psychologists must meet and maintain high professional standards to be registered with the Australian Psychological Society.

  • To provide counselling services Psychologists must have a minimum degree and honors qualification, along with a Counselling qualification.

  • Clinical Psychologists have a Masters Qualification.

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