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  • Specialists in Relationship Counselling

  • Our Therapists are:

    • Professional

    • Tertiary Qualified

    • Highly Trained

    • Have Life Experience

  • We help you grow the Skills you Need to rebuild a loving, life-long relationship

  • We work with you to break through the barriers blocking your path to Happiness

  • Our Appointments fit your busy lifestyle, including Evenings and Saturdays

Our Services:

Our Expertise

Relationship Counselling:


It can be really painful to realize that your relationship hasn’t turned out the way you thought it would.

Even with the best of intentions to resolve their problems, couples don’t always have the necessary skills to work things through in a satisfactory way. 

By using this simple checklist, you can determine whether or not you have reached total gridlock in any of those infuriatingly repetitive problems you may have in your relationship:

  • The conflict leaves you feeling rejected by your partner.

  • No matter how much you talk about it, you feel thwarted. Despite your best attempts, you are making absolutely no headway in the problem area.

  • You become so impossibly entrenched in your positions that neither you nor your partner plan to budge.

  • Anytime the subject comes up, you invariably feel frustrated and hurt.

  • Your conversations about the problem are unpleasant as can be, entirely devoid of humor, amusement, or expressions of affection.

  • Your inability to budge increases with the passage of time, leading the two of you to vilify each other when this conflict arises.

  • In an infuriating catch-22, the reverse also manages to occur: as you vilify each other, your inability to budge and polarization in your views increases, and your chances of reaching a compromise plummet.

  • Upon traversing this delightful territory, the two of you end up in the land of total emotional disengagement.

If you answered YES to 3 or more of these items, relationship counselling can help you get your marriage back on track.

Your Relationship Counselling Specialists  

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Secure phone and online counselling


We do see patients face to face in our rooms, however we also offer virtual counselling via secure video conferencing or mobile telephone.  Virtual counselling services provides immediate or same day access to expert, effective counselling help, without having to leave your home or office.

Phone or video conferencing appointments can be arranged within minutes of your call, and often on the same day.

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Counsellor or Psychologist:

Which is right for you?


  • Counsellors focus on people with ‘everyday’ problems such as relationships, stress, workplace and grief and loss issues.

  • Counsellors do not conduct psychometric testing or prescribe medication.

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  • Psychologists are trained in different theoretical approaches to human behaviour and usually engage in one-on-one, family or group work.

  • Psychologists work with clients with a mental illness and work in a variety of settings such as hospitals, community health and private practice.

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